A Powerful and Portable Information Tool for Appliantologists

By Samurai Appliance Repair Man, www.Appliantology.org

Kindle Photo

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a way of keeping all the technical documents you need during service calls in an inexpensive, compact, light-weight container in which you could quickly find the document you need to fix the problem?  In this action-packed, no-holds-barred episode of Samurai TV, I’ll show you how I use the Amazon Kindle Fire to easily carry service manuals, bulletins, diagrams, etc., with me on service calls.  Using the Kindle Fire, all the tech info I need for a job is right there at my fingertips, easy to retrieve and use.  Come with me now on a journey of Total Appliance Enlightenment ™…


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  1. What a great idea, all this useful info on a kindle. My only question, where do we obtain all this fabulous info if you’re not paying Whirlpool, or GE, or LG. ?

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